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Author: Rodney Andrews

Why Do We Like Music?

Are you or someone you know always listening to the radio? Why is it that we are so drawn to music? From classical and country, to hip-hop and rock everyone has their favorite type of music that they listen too. Did you know that music has been around for tens of thousands of years? It is no wonder that people are so into music. According to an article, even though music has been around since the stone age, no one quite knows what purpose listening to music it serves or why people like it so much. With that being said, scientist have discovered that inside the human brain is a music center that processes the music it receives then sends it across various sections of the brain to be enjoyed. In another article, it explained that unlike other creatures, humans have a deep appreciation for the arts which involves music and movies. There might never be an answer as to why people like listening to music so much. Listen on and enjoy.


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